InWithFor has closed

We started InWithFor in London in 2009 to tackle social problems and improve social problem solving. In December 2012, in Adelaide, we decided to close InWithFor, because of diverging ambitions, perspectives, and working styles. We want to thank everyone who was part of making InWithFor happen – for your time, money, trust, patience and ideas. In this post are some thoughts on the impact you contributed to.

November 18 2013, By Chris InWithFor news

Family by Family – What people say

Here’s a few things people have said ¬†about Family by Family since the launch of our first independent evaluation. “I used to keep in my shell heaps…now we’re doing more things together and we’re building that mother-son relationship” Seeking family mum Jessie tells the story of the change Family by Family created for her and [...]

October 7 2012, By Chris Family by Family Press

FbyF 1st evaluation! 90% achieve goals.

Family by Family is creating change – the independent evaluation tells us so! You can read the evaluation, and watch the new documentary – as we celebrate it’s first full year in start-up!

October 3 2012, By Sarah Family by Family Film Our Projects Paper

Prototyping for change, Week 9

2 months, 6 weavers, 12 recruitment experiences, 7 potential networks, and 3 meet & chats later – and we’ve got a long way to go to answer the questions: How do we actually prompt change for friends & families in caring situations? And how do we engage people in that change process? There’s much more to prototype…

August 20 2012, By Sarah Ageing Our Projects

A new team, a refocussed team

We’re in full prototyping mode. We’ve got a new team of 6 Weavers. And we’re re-setting our Radical Redesign team. That means re-setting our behaviours too.

July 29 2012, By Sarah Ageing Our Projects

Spreading change: 6 new solutions and a Great Living Co.

Biodynamic yogurt surprisingly has lots in common with our approach to spreading social solutions. Last week, we published a Prospectus with 6 co-designed solutions for ageing & caring, and visited Paris Creek Farms to learn how we prototype for change, growth, and spread.

June 16 2012, By Sarah Ageing Media Our Projects Paper

That nagging ethical question

The question that never goes away: Are we increasing inequality?

April 28 2012, By Sarah Ageing Family by Family Opinion

Ethical outrage

The first in a series of posts about why the value set underpinning ‘social design’ work matters. ‘Ethical’ values of equality & fairness are fundamentally different to ‘managerial’ values of innovation & empathy.

April 8 2012, By Sarah Opinion

Hard week & then a holiday

A few of our hunches turned out to be not quite right or a little too right this week. How do you encourage divestment? How do you teach? How do you spread? As always, more iterations required.

March 11 2012, By Sarah Family by Family Opinion

Talking with people is fun

We’ve been building civil servant’s capacity to meet & hang out with people. We’re finding it harder to build organisational capacity to support & use what we learn.

February 19 2012, By Sarah Opinion

Love-ins, lobster, and racing cars

What does great living look like for people in caring roles & relationships? Our new report tells the story of the Look and Listen phase of the Caring Project, and lays out 7 opportunities for improving outcomes.

February 5 2012, By Sarah Ageing Our Projects Paper

Disruption without change?

It’s been a year with a lot of disruption – but has it been a year of change? A few reflections from last year’s work in Australia, and a few musings for 2012.

January 3 2012, By Sarah Ageing Family by Family Opinion Our Projects

New team, new curriculum, new projects

Check out what we’ve been up to over the last six months:

November 29 2011, By Sarah Ageing Our Projects

LOOPS on film

We designed LOOPS to develop young people and their communities through shared and surprising experiences. See LOOPS on film for the first time.

November 5 2011, By Chris Film Loops

Sixteen Days, Eight Cities, One Question

An article for Stanford Social Innovation Review comparing what we learnt about social problem solving our tour of North America and how it compares to what’s happening in Australia.

September 22 2011, By Chris Opinion

New recruits & recruitment processes

Meet our new radical redesign team at the Australian Centre for Social Innovation. They are the product of our prototype recruitment process!

September 11 2011, By Sarah Ageing Family by Family Our Projects

A focus on caring relationships

If you could improve outcomes for one group of older people who would it be? We posed the question in June. Now we can announce we’re focusing our Ageing project on caring relationships – on the caring and cared for.

September 7 2011, By Chris Ageing Paper

Radical Redesign keynote @ Mindlab, Denmark

TACSI gave the keynote address at the ‘How Public Design?’ conference in Denmark, organised by Mindlab as part of Copenhagen Design Week 2011. Hear Brenton and Carolyn talk about Radical Redesign and Family by Family.

September 3 2011, By Chris Family by Family Presentation

Family by Family: Technology on the fringe

Beverly Head, writing in Government Technology Review, contrasts the approach used to create Family by Family with more usual approaches to IT development taken by governement.

September 1 2011, By Chris Family by Family Press

Measurement & the feedback loop

How do we know we’re getting results? We take measurement pretty seriously – which is why we don’t always measure everything stakeholders want to know in the way they want to know it. As July’s edition of Wired shows, measurement can shape behaviour.

August 7 2011, By Sarah Interesting read Interesting! Opinion